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Continental: First Tier/Prime Contractor

Continental's Second Tier/Subcontractors

Employing World Class Systems and Standards

Providing Quality Staffing, Employing Full Diversification

Integrated Human Resource Services Management Systems (HRMS)

Nationally and Internationally, Cost-Effectively and Efficiently, Continental’s Real Time, Resume Databases and Technologically-Advanced (H
MRS) ensure “Personnel Quality and Quantities” including but not limited to the following:

  • Technologically-Advanced Client Service Data Tracking System (CSDTS) expedites resolution of all Client and Employee Services-Related Inquiries
  • Employee Service Center Hotline for prompt, accurate handling of Client and Employee questions and concerns
  • Dedicated Regional Service Expertise is available for rapid response

Continental's Management and Key Personnel are Experienced and Uniquely Qualified 
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Viet-Nam Veterans and SDB (African American) Commercial; DOD; DOE; DOT and Utility Nuclear/Safety Related and Non-Safety Related Specialists.